Friday, April 11, 2008

Blog the Twenty-Eighth

What if being a Motherless Daughter wasn't all there was to my life?

What if in these eight months since I last posted, I found I felt less like a Motherless Daughter, and more like an honest to goodness happy person? Can the two exist simultaneously?

What if I had bad days that weren't exacerbated by the fact that Mom is gone? What if they were just... bad days? Nothing more. Nothing that lingers. Nothing that would last beyond a few brief hours.

Could you, dear reader, be a Happy Motherless Daughter? Could you find other things that define who you are?

Because really... what if being a Motherless Daugther wasn't all there was for you?



Burfica said...

I almost fell into letting it define me. I broke out of that thinking. Another gift of being stubborn and strong willed by my mother.

In the past few years, I've gotten to not like the therm Motherless Daughter so much.

Because you know what?? I have a mother, I always have and always will, and I can still feel her guidance and support every day.

Glad to see you back hun.
I hope you find that more. And I hope you do find happy and or sad or bad days without it pertaining to the loss of your mom.

Cuz if we let the loss define our lives it will crush us and out mothers would be very upset with that.

joared said...

You write of Motherless Daughter, that maybe you are finding more to life now. I think of loss as it will soon be the second anniversary of my husband's death. Earlier this month I had a sudden awareness of an inner calm, for lack of better words to describe what I felt, that I have not known the past two years. I do not know what precipitated that happening, I just know it has. So, each of us will just go on living each day, achieving some degree of happiness our loved ones would want us to have.

Lindsay said...

I completly agree. Being a Motherless daughter is not all there is to life. I never even realized I was a motherless daughter until I was 23, and an aunt bought me a book. I mean I miss my Mom, and there are times when it seems like life sucks cause I don't have her. But ya know, I have a really fantastic Dad and wonderful siblings. If I lived my life always missing my Mom I never would have gotten to know my grandparents and everything else. Thanks for sharing my sentiment about being a Motherless daughter. i was starting to think I was the only one.

Jane said...

It is so true...sometimes it feels as if no matter how far you walk on your path, and how many trails you blaze...there is a part of you that will always ache, no matter how quietly. That you are somehow more alone, more toughened up by the world, without mothers soft presence, kindness and support to soften the blows of the world. It is easy to begin to feel different then others because of it. Thank you for so eloquently pausing for a moment to remember how important it is to not feel that way, and to instead allow hope to fill up in our hearts.